2. The Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra or Swadhisthana, is located about an inch below the belly button. Known also as the Orange Chakra, it attunes to the note “D” on the musical scale and it’s sacred sound is “Vam”. Like the Root chakra, it is linked to the Lumbar Plexus with an additional link to the Aortic Plexus too! The Aortic Plexus is centered between the kidneys. When this chakra is out of balance, issues pertaining to the sex organs, kidneys, or urinary track may arise.

When the Sacral Chakra is in balance, it regulates water levels in the body, sex function, emotions and creativity. While the Root Chakra focuses on human survival instincts and financial security, the Sacral Chakra nurtures the root Chakra by pairing it with creativity, self-empowerment, and the perception of reality–all tools for promoting survival and happiness in life. This is the Chakra that you will want to heal if you are feeling upset with how life has been treating you, if you need to mend relationships especially those where you are sexually involved, or if you are feeling a lack of creativity or energy.

Crystals to heal this chakra include but are not limited to Amber, Sunstone, and Lithium Quartz.

amber-stone-250x2501. Amber–which appears typically as a red stone but can also be green–focuses on the physical state of the body, specifically the organs in the abdomen and around the pelvic area. Amber is known as a crystal to heal all chakras and works specifically to heal stomach ulcers, the kidneys, liver, and the womb.

sunstones2. Sunstone is a beautiful orange crystal which works to promote self-worth, sexual arousal and self-empowerment. It will help nurture one back to good mental health and happiness when the world seems drab. I like to keep sunstone on my desk at work because it is said to help keep you focused, positive, and on the look out for creative opportunities.


3. Lithium Quartz, like Amber, is also known to be a healer of all the Chakras and cleanses and heals the organs. Lithium Quartz brings energy into the body and creates an equilibrium at the core. It is also said to bring awareness of the cycle of life and death to a person, which may be useful for those suffering from terminal illness, or struggling with infertility.

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